General pre + post care

Below you can find a general outline of all pre + post care instructions. Always follow the instructions detailed on consent + intake forms that are sent via email after booking.


  • Avoid retinol 48hrs before appointment 

  • Avoid active ingredients such as AHA's and BHA's 48hrs before appointment

  • Avoid direct sun exposure 1-2 weeks before treatment

  • Avoid botox injections 2 weeks prior, and filler 4 weeks prior to appointment


  • Try to avoid direct sun exposure

  • Moisturize and protect your fresh skin as much as possible

  • WEAR SPF, at least 30! Re-apply throughout the day especially the week following the face treatment.


Downtime: 1-7 days depending the strength of peel

  • Avoid makeup for 2-3 days. When skin is peeling make up will cling to flakes so it's best to avoid until all peeling is done.

  • Skin will begin to peel after 3-5 days, avoid picking and  pulling the peeling skin.

  • A post-peel take-home kit will be provided for you after an intermediate and advanced peel. You must use it for 7 days. You may go back to regular skincare routine after.

  • After intro peel do not use any active ingredients for 3-5 days after, depending on skin sensitivity.

  • AVOID DIRECT SUN EXPOSURE for 1-2 weeks!



Downtime: 24 hours

  • Avoid touching face, keep pets away from face!

  • Fresh pillowcase.

  • Avoid washing face for 24hrs.

  • Use only hyaluronic acid for the first 24 hrs.

  • After 24 hours, you may wear color science makeup; after 72hrs you can wear regular makeup.

  • Redness subsides 24-72 hours after treatment.

  • Avoid sun exposure for at least 24-48hrs.

  • After 24hrs, start wearing SPF 30+!

  • Avoid active ingredients for at least 5 days.


These apply to most treatments:

  • The use of Accutane in the last 6 months

  • Recent use of prescriptive retinols + skin lighteners IE Retin-a, Tretinoin, Hydroquinone, etc.

  • Excessively tanned or burned skin

  • Allergies (please inform your Aesthetician of any allergies)

  • Pacemaker or defibrillator (for treatments using electrical current)

  • Certain medical conditions which slow down natural healing, such as uncontrolled diabetes and cancer.

  • Compromised immune system.