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A gallery and brief description of treatments performed in photos.


Level 4 Facial

These pictures are 4 weeks apart.

This client was prescribed a full skincare regimen and completed 2 level 4 facials. Always completely customized and tailored to each individuals skin condition, concern and goals.

Level 3 Facial

These photos are taken 4 weeks apart after having received 2 level 3 facials 4 weeks apart as well as some added home care for additional benefits.

nanaimo chemical peel

Level 4 Facial

This beautiful client was looking for a nice refresh while also targeting some sun spots + signs of aging. We did a level 4 facial with zero downtime.

Level 4 Facial

These photos are 3.5 days apart.

For this case we did a rosacea treatment to help ease the discomfort of her rosacea flare up. 

nanaimo hydrafacial

Level 2 Facial

This client was looking to refresh and hydrate dull, rough skin. She takes pride in taking care of her skin and overall health and this tune up was just what she needed and we knew that a level 2 facial would be the perfect option for her.

Level 2 Facial

For this loyal client we we did a level 2 facial.

Level 2 Facial

This is before and immediately after using the Bela MD skin health system. Using a 6 step to exfoliate, brighten, tighten, tone and rejuvenate your skin. For healthier skin from the inside out.

Custom skin care plan

For this loyal client we created a custom skincare plan to reduce inflammation and breakouts while prepping the skin for treatments.

nanaimo skincare
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